Jouan EU1 Series INNOVENS™ Ovens by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jouan EU1 Series INNOVENS™ Ovens by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Jouan EU1 Series INNOVENS™ Ovens

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Not available in the U.S. and Canada.
The EU1 INNOVENS™ range of ovens features the latest technological progress in response to constantly evolving user requirements. The high level natural convection performance in homogeneity and stability ensures quality results.

The design of the Thermo INNOVENS range allows the ovens to achieve a high level of thermal performance. Triple insulation and carefully positioned heating elements provide excellent homogeneity throughout the whole chamber using natural convection

Product detail:

Superb value for money

Compact units; Large internal volume for small external size - Capacities 1.94, 2.72, 4.17, 5.72, 8.27cu.ft. / 55, 77, 118, 162, 234 liters.

Space saving: Small footprint & stackable.

Excellent homogeneity: +1.5°C at 105°C throughout the chamber.

Prevention of contamination: Natural convection.

High precision: Microprocessor control; stability +0.3°C.

Wide temperature range: 50°C to 250°C.

Full protection: Class 3.1 safety thermostat, alarm.

Easy to use: Single key, digital display.

Convenient: Anti-tilt shelves & racking removable in seconds.

Easy to clean: Totally smooth walls, stainless steel chamber.