JASCO FP-8000 Spectrofluorometer Series by JASCO (USA)

Manufacturer JASCO (USA)

JASCO FP-8000 Spectrofluorometer Series by JASCO (USA) product image
JASCO FP-8000 Spectrofluorometer Series

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JASCO FP-8000 Series Spectrofluorometers: Advanced Technology for Superior Results

Designed with the latest technology, the JASCO FP-8000 Series spectrofluorometers incorporate the highest sensitivity, fastest spectral scanning capability and excellent analysis-oriented functionality offering integrated solutions for advanced materials research and biochemical analysis applications. To meet the most stringent analysis demands, a variety of accessories are available for integration with a range of sophisticated control and analysis applications available in the user-friendly Spectra Manager™ II software to offer a flexible platform for any luminescence application.

Features of the JASCO FP-8000 Series Spectrofluorometers:
  •  Highest sensitivity (> 5000, RMS) 
  •  Fastest scan speed (60,000 nm/min) 
  •  Wide dynamic range (> 6.5 orders of magnitude) 
  •  Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS (Sensitivity Control System) 
  •  Automatic higher-order diffraction cut filter
  •  Rapid 3D spectra measurements 
  •  Expanded features for phosphorescence measurements (lifetime measurements > 1 millisecond)

Highest signal-to-noise performence
The high S/N (signal-to-noise) performance of the FP-8000 series is achieved by a high throughput optical system and low-noise signal processing.

Wide Dynamic Range using Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS
A wide dynamic range for luminescence measurements is obtained using the Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS features, automatically adjusting the detector sensitivity for optimum measurements.

Effective for fixed wavelength measurements and quantitative analysis, Auto-SCS makes it possible to create the calibration curve for a wide range of concentrations without modifying the instrument measurement parameters.

Collecting data with an optimized S/N throughout the entire scan range for spectra or time course measurements is obtained with ease using the Auto-Gain feature, automatically adjusting the gain due to fluorescence intensity.

Automatic higher-order diffraction cut filter
The conventional method for removing higher-order diffraction artifacts from excitation/emission spectra involves selection and installation of the proper cut filters according to the scanning wavelengths. The automatic cut filter system of the FP-8000 series (option for FP-8200) selects the
proper cut-off filters for spectral measurements to obtain spectra without higher-order diffraction interference.

3D Spectra Measurement
3D spectra measurement is available for all models of the FP-8000 series. The fastest scan speed of 60,000 nm/min for the FP-8500 offers 3D spectral measurement in the shortest time available for any instrument in this class. The analysis software offers a variety of processing methods to easily display the relevant data characteristics.

Phosphorescence measurement
A high-speed chopper for the FP-8300, 8500 and 8600 instruments offers phosphorescence spectrum measurements as well as advanced phosphorescent lifetime and quantitative analysis measurements.

IQ Accessories (automatic accessory identification)
The FP-8000 IQ accessories utilize a non-contact RFID sensor for automatic recognition by the control software. Accessory information, including accessory name and serial number, is retrieved and saved in the spectral data file. The IQ Start function can be programmed to automatically select a specified control program for simplified sample measurements.

An abundance of Special Accessories and Programs
A wide variety of accessories and control/analysis programs are designed to integrate analysis methods for various samples and application requirements ranging from biochemical/bioscience to materials research and beyond.

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JASCO FP-8000 Spectrofluorometer Series by JASCO (USA) product image

JASCO FP-8000 Spectrofluorometer Series

Manufacturer JASCO (USA)

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