J6-HC by Beckman Coulter

Manufacturer Beckman Coulter

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A toggle switch for speed calibration of the J6-HC, a periodic procedure important when duplicating runs, is easily accessible on a circuit board at the rear of the control panel. Operators are protected from high-voltage electronics by a metal safety plate.

The Economical J6-HC With Advance Brush Drive for High Throughput and Maximum Uptime

A high-performance dc drive will give you excellent throughput with the J6-HC. And, when routine maintenance calls for a brush replacement, the job is quick and easy, thanks to the drive's advanced design that simplifies maintenance. You'll be up and running in no time!

Like the other J6 Series instruments, it can also spin both high-capacity J6 rotors and high-speed J2 rotors, providing excellent applications versatility. Other benefits include:

  • Substantial return on your investment- Handles a broad range of applications by virtue of its large selection of rotors and adapters.

  • Easy to operate- Analog controls make the J6-HC simple to understand.

  • High throughput- Spins up to six liters of sample or 222 tubes.

  • Minimum downtime-The rugged drive system and flexible spindle assembly of the J6 sets the industry standard for reliability and serviceability.

  • With simple dials for setting speed, time and braking mode, you'll have no trouble learning to enter run parameters. Easy-to-read analog gauges indicate both rotor speed and rotor temperature. Embossed on the temperature gauge are green and red scores that tell you at a glance the desired temperature and maximum allowable temperature, respectively. Diagnostic lights alert you to rotor imbalance, overtemperature or brush failure conditions.