iuvo Microchannel 5250

Manufacturer BellBrook Labs

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BellBrook Labs iuvo Microchannel 5250

A new way of performing high content assays.
The Bell Brook iuvo Microchannel 5250 is a general purpose microconduit array plate designed for highly miniaturized cellular assays using 2D or 3D cell culture and facile integration with automated HCA platforms. The BellBrook Labs iuvo plates are constructed of standard tissue-culture treated plastic and are compliant with the SBS/ANSI standards for microplates. The unique low volume microchannel design enables assay miniaturization, while the patented passive pumping technology allows multiple cycles of fluid exchange for medium replacement or immunocytochemistry protocols.


•  Low volume microchannel design requires fewer cells and reagents – perfect for primary cell applications
•  Less disruptive wash steps
•  SBS/ANSI formatted
•  Instrumentation friendly