ITSP (Instrument Top Sample Prep) by MicroLiter Analytical Supplies

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ITSP (Instrument Top Sample Prep)

MicroLiter Analytical Supplies

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ITSP is a unique consumable that uses the downtime of a CTC Analytics PAL Sample Handler to prepare samples using Solid Phase Extraction and/or to filter samples for injection.

The analytical instrument’s autosampler sits idle for a good part of the analysis time of each sample. By using the syringe needle’s friction-fit seal against the septum to pressurize the inner chamber of the ITSP device, the plunger can push solvents and raw sample through membrane filters or SPE sorbents to perform a variety of clean-up and preparation techniques. The reduced-diameter inner chamber of the ITSP device requires less solvent to pressurize the device. Additionally, it also helps maintain ITSP’s vertical position so that it can be moved around the platform and then placed back into its original location.

A special tray was developed that rests over a waste receptacle so that conditioning solvents, raw sample load and the wash solvents can be applied to the device without moving it from its original location. Once the instrument is ready for the next sample to be injected onto the valve, the ITSP device can be picked up and moved over an unused well to elute the prepared sample. The PAL then discards the device, aspirates a sample from the eluate and then injects it onto the valve.

ITSP is not limited to one manufacturer of sorbents and is available in a variety of bedmass volumes from 6mg to 25mg, depending on the sorbent. ITSP Filtration is comparable to 4mm syringe filters.