ISP vacuum pump by ANEST IWATA Corporation

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ISP vacuum pump
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  • As ISP vacuum pumps do not contain lubricating oil or sealing water resulting in no back-migration of fluid, it ensures clean vacuum. 
  • It is light-weight and occupies minimum space because of original design called double wrap scroll. 
  • While orbiting scroll makes one turn, the process of suction, compression and exhaust proceeds continuously, resulting in a minimum pulsation which provides less vibration and low noise. 
  • Due to double wrap scroll design which is dynamically stable, ISP vacuum pumps can deal with a wide range of applications ranging from atmospheric pressure to the ultimate pressure. There is little power variance between atmospheric pressure and the ultimate pressure, which allows repeated continuous operation between atmospheric pressure and vacuum. 
  • The Air Flush device has been added as a standard feature. Shaft seal configuration has also improved. Due to the Air Flush and the new shaft seal system, reliability and maintenance interval as well as evacuating performance of water vapor and small particles have been now remarkably improved.