ISOSLIDE® Reticulin Control Slides for the detection of reticular fibers in histology

Manufacturer Merck

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To ensure that the test preparations contain the material relevant for diagnostics and the target structures can be visualized by staining with good differentiation, it is recommended to use a control preparation. ISOSLIDE® control slides enable a direct comparison of typical control material with laboratory-internal specimens.

Reticular fibers consist of thin bundles of fine fibrils of type III collagen. These collagen fibrils react readily with silver salts and are stained black following silver plating.

One ISOSLIDE® Reticulin kit contains:

Control Slides with reference tissue for the detection of reticular fibers in histological tissue, 24 unstained paraffin sections, 1 stained control slide with Reticulin silver plating according to Gordon & Sweets.

  • Your own samples can be compared with the control tissue specimens
  • All slides prepared from the same block of animal tissue (one Box contains one Batch)
  • Five-year shelf life
  • Compliant with ISO 9001 and CE certification in accordance with in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD) guidelines

How to use the ISOSLIDE® control slides?

The ISOSLIDE® control slides consist of microscope slides with a paraffin section containing the typical structures of the test method to be used. Each pack contains 25 slides: One slide is stained with the reference method and is used for comparison, the other 24 unstained slides are stained according to the corresponding Merck Millipore specification or else can be stained to the laboratory-internal specification. The unstained control slides are stained and subsequently compared with the laboratory material and the stained control section regarding the staining result.