ISOLUTE® PLD+ Protein and Phospholipid Removal Plates

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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Bioanalysis

"This is an excellent extraction plate for removing phospholipids from plasma samples. These kinds of plates PLD+ can really compete with Waters Ostro plates."

Review date: 18 Feb 2014 | ISOLUTE® PLD+ Protein and Phospholipid Removal Plates
ISOLUTE® PLD+ Protein and Phospholipid Removal Plates provide a very effective but extremely simple sample clean-up for LC-MS/MS analysis.

Requiring next to no method development, ISOLUTE PLD+ can be integrated quickly and easily into routine workflow, increasing productivity and reducing instrument downtime.

ISOLUTE® PLD+ plates deliver cleaner extracts than other phospholipid removal products, meaning lower detection limits can be achieved. In the example below, signal-to-noise using ISOLUTE PLD+ was more than double when compared with competitor products (figure 1), leading to an immediate enhancement in sensitivity.

ISOLUTE® PLD+ plates have excellent flow characteristics, and do not plug or block during use. They can be processed easily using either positive pressure or vacuum based systems, and are compatible with most automated liquid handlers.