Isolera by Biotage

Manufacturer Biotage
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Average Rating: 3.7
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Rating: 3.7

"Easy handling; it has only one screen and it is not necessary to search for things. It produces good results and you can make different solvents with it. You can easily resume a run with this instrument and add more solvents when the run has already started."

Review date: 05 Jul 2012 | Isolera
Isolera, a compact flash purification system with intelligent features, enables chemists to easily achieve better separations. The patented TLC-to-gradient feature automatically creates elution gradients and suggests cartridge and sample size. Collect fractions using two wavelengths, adjust the flow rate from 1 to 200 mL/min as needed and use up to four solvents in a single gradient, for maximum purity and yield.