iScript Select cDNA Synthesis Kit by Bio-Rad

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iScript Select cDNA Synthesis Kit

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The iScript Select cDNA Synthesis Kit is a sensitive reverse transcription system offering simplified handling, superior performance, and a selection of first-strand synthesis primers. Unlike other reverse transcription kits with multiple reaction components that must be combined during reaction setup, this easy-to-use kit features an optimized, preblended reaction mix to reduce the number of steps required for the reaction setup.

The kit includes separate tubes of oligo(dT) and random primers blended with a proprietary enhancer solution that improves first-strand synthesis. For reactions using custom-designed gene-specific primers, a separate tube of enhancer solution is provided to ensure maximum sensitivity.

Appropriate for a variety of applications, including RT-PCR, real-time RT-PCR, and synthesis of longer cDNA fragments for cloning, this ready-to-use kit includes a complete set of reagents and protocols for first-strand priming with oligo(dT), random, or custom-designed gene-specific primers.

Key Features and Benefits
• Have flexibility in mRNA priming strategy - oligo(dT), random primer, and gene-specific primer enhancer solution provided in separate tubes
• Synthesize long cDNAs up to 8 kb - quality controlled for reliable synthesis of cDNA >6 kb in length
• Detect low-level target genes and conserve RNA during gene expression analysis - broad linear dynamic range of total input RNA (1 µg-1 pg) with a highly efficient RNase H+ MMLV reverse transcriptase
• Avoid skewed data from RNA degradation - potent blend of RNaseA inhibitor protects RNA during setup and reverse transcription