iScript™ Reverse Transcription Supermix for RT-qPCR

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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The iScript Reverse Transcription Supermix for RT-qPCR is a simple, fast, and sensitive first-strand cDNA synthesis kit for gene expression analysis using real-time qPCR. In one tube, the preblended 5x supermix contains all the necessary components except RNA template for reverse transcription.

  • Increase reproducibility of reverse transcription and reduce errors during setup - 1-tube format for simple and fast setup and reduced pipetting variability
  • Detect low-level target genes and conserve RNA during gene expression analysis — broad linear dynamic range of total input RNA (1 µg–1 pg) with a highly efficient RNase H+ MMLV reverse transcriptase
  • Use with dilute RNA samples - 5x concentration of supermix allows for greater volume of RNA sample in a 20 µl cDNA synthesis reaction
  • Eliminate freeze/thaw cycles - liquid format at –20ºC shortens overall processing time and maximizes stability
  • Validate purity of input RNA and gene expression results - optional no-RT controls for detecting genomic DNA contamination
  • Obtain accurate results - potent blend of RNase inhibitor prevents RNA degradation during reaction setup and reverse transcription
  • Increase primer design flexibility and prevent 5' and 3' bias - optimum blend of oligo(dT) and random primers in the 5x supermix for complete RNA coverage
  • Complete cDNA synthesis and qPCR the same day - fast 40 min cDNA synthesis protocol