IRDye® Infrared Fluorescent Dyes

Manufacturer LI-COR Biosciences  |  Available Worldwide

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IRDye Infrared Dyes and near-infrared (NIR) fluorescent imaging deliver enhanced sensitivity due to low background autofluorescence in the near-infrared region, therefore, giving a higher signal to noise ratios.

IRDye fluorescent dyes have absorption and emission wavelengths in the NIR spectrum, between 680 and 800 nm.

Available infrared fluorescent dyes include:
IRDye 800RS
IRDye 750
IRDye 700DX
IRDye 680RD
IRDye 680LT
IRDye 650

Also available is IRDye QC-1, the first nonfluorescent (dark) quencher compatible with a wide range of visible and near-infrared fluorophores (~500 – 800 nm). IRDye infrared dyes are optimized for use with Odyssey Imagers, suitable for many applications, and are designed for protein, antibody, peptide, and nucleic acid labeling. IRDye Infrared Fluorescent Dyes Features & Benefits: Low background autofluorescence. Low light-scattering. Higher signal-to-noise ratios.