IR Long Path Gas Cells

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PIKE Technologies offers several Long-Path Gas Cells for analysis of trace components in gas samples – typical concentrations may range from the percent to ppb levels. The long-path cells feature a folded path design providing an extended pathlength within a compact dimension. The FTIR beam enters the cell through an IR transparent window and reflects a number of times between the accessory mirrors before exiting to the detector. The number of reflections is determined by the optical configuration of the cell and may be selected as a permanently aligned version or a user-adjustable version (variable-path cells). Cell pathlengths range from 2.4 to 20 m fixed and a 1 to 16 m variable. Typical applications of the long-path gas cells include air pollution studies, gas purity determinations, monitoring of industrial processes, exhaust gas analysis and many others.

Some gas measurement applications require temperature control for higher precision or to prevent condensation of specific components. PIKE Technologies offers heated versions of our fixed and variable path gas cells up to 200 °C. For high temperature accuracy, the temperature sensor has been imbedded inside the gas cell as opposed to mounted on the exterior of the cell.