iQ™ Multiplex Powermix (172-5848) by Bio-Rad

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iQ™ Multiplex Powermix (172-5848)
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Rating: 3.7

  • Application Area: Multiplex real-time PCR

"Iq multiplex, is a very good product. It permits us to amplify without optimization almost 3 targets. In my lab, we're using this master mix to perform our analysis to detect 2 pathogens and an internal control in a simultaneous reaction of 1 h 30 min. "

Review date: 16 Feb 2015 | iQ™ Multiplex Powermix (172-5848)
iQ multiplex powermix simplifies real–time detection of multiple targets in a single tube.

Although design software, such as Beacon Designer software, has made it easier to design effective primers and probes, finding a set of reaction conditions that amplifies all targets with equal efficiency in both singleplex and multiplex reactions can still be a challenge. iQ multiplex powermix makes multiplex real–time PCR easier by removing the need to optimize buffer, enzyme, or primer concentrations.

This mix ensures:

  • Reliable real–time multiplex detection of up to 5 targets
  • Linearity over 6 orders of magnitude of input cDNA and 4 orders of magnitude of input genomic
  • DNA Detection of up to 4 targets when one differs in expression up to 106–fold relative to the others

With this reliable mix, you can increase throughput and control costs by running multiple assays in a single reaction, maximizing the amount of data collected from limited amounts of sample. iQ multiplex powermix is formulated for analysis using cDNA, genomic DNA, and plasmids, and can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Gene expression analysis
  • SNP genotyping/SNP analysis
  • GMO detection
  • Viral load detection