iQ Live Cell Imaging Software by Andor Technology

Manufacturer Andor Technology

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iQ Live Cell Imaging Software
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Andor's flagship live cell imaging software, designed with flexibility and power in mind. iQ - image and quantify - occupies a central role in their Revolution product range and provides optimized control of Andor's award winning iXon EMCCD cameras and automation hardware for a range of Bioimaging applications.

iQ integrates a range of additional hardware for multi-parameter and multi-modal imaging, including devices such as confocal scanners, light sources including andor's own laser combiner, filter wheels and x,y, & z motorized stage control. Automation of this hardware with image capture is tightly controlled for optimum capture rates, and to minimise unnecessary light exposure for prolonged live cell imaging.

iQ can be used for a range of bioimaging applications such as 3D live cell imaging, TIRF, ion imaging, bioluminescence and FRET. This makes iQ ideal for many research fields including cancer research, developmental biology, neuroscience, embryology, stem cell, and plant biology; capturing images from small subcellular components such as vesicles up to whole samples such as zebrafish and drosophila embryos. Continuous development and improvement ensures that Andor iQ represents a powerful and flexible core for live-cell imaging systems.

iQ Live Cell Imaging Software Features:

  • Power and flexibility
  • Multi-dimensional core
  • Fast 4D imaging
  • Z-series imaging
  • On-line data charting