iQ-Check™ Prep System (359-4911) by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

iQ-Check™ Prep System (359-4911) by Bio-Rad product image
iQ-Check™ Prep System (359-4911)
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The iQ-Check™ Prep is a liquid handling platform performing DNA extraction and PCR plate set-up.

Designed for use with the full range of iQ-Check food pathogen detection kits and the CFX96 Deep Well™ real-time PCR system, it provides a completely integrated automated solution for food pathogen testing. Optimal ease of use and full traceability is achieved by the link between the CFX Manager™ IDE Software and a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

The iQ-Check Prep Solution provides increased confidence in results, high reproducibility and robustness to routine testing labs. It fits seamlessly in laboratory workflow without disrupting it and is an ideal solution for medium to high throughput testing laboratories.

iQ-Check™ Prep Solution Features:

  • Fully automated DNA extraction and PCR set-up
  • Fully automated detection and data analysis
  • Run up to 4 different iQ-Check assays simultaneously
  • Improve traceability with barcodes and LIMS integration
  • Real time monitoring of each pipette step and liquid level
  • Ready-to-use, load and go reagents
  • Intuitive and integrated user interface
  • Robustness and simplicity for limited maintenance

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iQ-Check™ Prep System (359-4911) by Bio-Rad product image

iQ-Check™ Prep System (359-4911)

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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