IonPac® CS16 Cation-Exchange Column

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Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Analysis of ammonium in Tobacco related Samples

"Our objectives are to improve the efficiency and resolution of the HPLC method for ammonium analysis and reduce the analysis time and cost. A high capacity and high efficiency cation exchange column (IonPac CS16) with smaller particle size and smaller column inner diameter was used in our new method. The ammonium peak can be integrated easily and automatically by the instrument software, due to sharper ammonium peak and better separation from interfering peaks, thus saving the analyst time for integrations. These features of the new method (higher resolution, sharper peak and easy integration) will also contribute to the better accuracy and precision of the method. This method has been applied for all ammonia analysis (mainstream and sidestream tobacco smoke samples, smokeless tobacco and whole tobacco samples). It is good for high throughput sample analysis, as it can analyze diluted samples with reduced instrument maintenance and longer column and suppressor lifetime (since column "

Review date: 24 Jun 2015 | IonPac® CS16 Cation-Exchange Column
High-Capacity Carboxylate-Functionalized Column for Disparate Sodium and Ammonium Concentrations

The IonPac® CS16 is the column of choice for disparate concentration ratios of adjacent eluting cations such as sodium and ammonium in diverse sample matrices. The high-capacity, high-resolution CS16 column can be used for short-chained amines, including alkylamines and alkanolamines, in diverse sample matrices. The CS16 column is now available in capillary format (0.5 × 250 mm) offering reduced eluent consumption and reduced operating costs.

Using an isocratic acid eluent and elevated temperature (40 °C) coupled with suppressed conductivity, ratios up to 10,000:1 of sodium and ammonium can be resolved in less than 20 min. Sample matrices include environmental waters; power plant waters treated with ammonium, morpholine or ethanolamine; chemical additives; chemical process solutions; scrubber solutions; plating baths; and industrial solvents. The CS16 is designed for use in most IonPac CS15 applications.

IonPac® CS16 Cation-Exchange Column Features:

  • For disparate concentration ratios of close-eluting cations such as ammonium and sodium in complex matrices
  • Ideal for trace-level ammonium in high concentrations of sodium
  • Ideal for trace-level sodium in high concentrations of ammonium or amines
  • Best carboxylate-functionalized column to tolerate samples with low pH
  • Isocratic acid eluent and elevated temperature (40 °C) required for sodium: ammonium ratios to 1:10,000
  • Gradient MSA eluent and elevated temperature required for sodium: ammonium ratios up to 1:20,000
  • Useful for short-chained amines, including alkylamines and alkanolamines
  • Compatible with organic solvents excluding alcohols

Column Details:

  • Particle Size: 5 µm
  • Length: 50, 250 mm
  • ID: 0.5, 3.0, 5.0 mm

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IonPac® CS16 Cation-Exchange Column

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

4.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews