Thermo Scientific™ IonPac® CS14 Cation-Exchange Column

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Medium Low-Capacity Column for Aliphatic and Aromatic Amines and Polyamines

The IonPac® CS14 is a medium low-capacity carboxylate-functionalized cation-exchange column for the determination of aliphatic, aromatic, and polyvalent amines. Sample matrices include environmental waters; power plant waters treated with ammonium, morpholine or ethanolamine; chemical additives; chemical process solutions; scrubber solutions; plating baths; industrial solvents; and wastewater.

The CS14 column can be used with isocratic or gradient methanesulfonic acid or sulfuric acid eluents to resolve a variety of amines from the Group I and II cations. Solvent and elevated temperature may be required for efficient elution of hydrophobic amines.

IonPac® CS14 Cation-Exchange Column Features:

  • For amine separations, including aliphatic amines, aromatic amines, and polyamines
  • For hydrophobic and polyvalent amines
  • For polar amines including alkanolamines and alkylamines
  • For moderately hydrophobic amines
  • Compatible with organic solvents

Column Details:

  • Particle Size: 8 µm
  • Length: 50, 250 mm
  • ID: 2.0, 4.0 mm

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Thermo Scientific™ IonPac® CS14 Cation-Exchange Column

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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