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Ion Channel Cell Lines
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Ion Channel Cell Lines - Validated in Performance, Accuracy and Quality

In cooperation with Cytocentrics AG CCS has developed a set of recombinant cell lines stably expressing ion channels of high pharmacological relevance.

The cell lines have been generated by stable transfection of HEK293 or CHO-K1 cells and subsequent clonal selection. They have been characterized in manual and automatic patch clamp assays regarding their electrophysiological and pharmacological properties using conventional whole cell recordings.

Cells are supplied either on basis of a licence agreement with the option to propagate the cells in-house or as aliquots of assay-ready frozen cells. Each batch of frozen cells has been validated in patch clamp assay and has a documented assay window and Z'-factor.

- Validated cell line for manual and automatic patch clamp assays.
- Stability of expression tested for 20 passage doublings.
- Stable Giga-Ohm sealing and high peak tail current (>200 pA).
- Robust assay parameters e.g. S/B, Z' and CV.