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Invitrogel Test System

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Automated Immunohaematology - Gell card and Micro-Titre plate all in one - MTCINVITRO

With the INVITROGEL TEST-SYSTEM, MTC presents a complete gel card system, comprising of 6 column and 8 column gel cards in a wide selection of card configurations covering all relevant applications in blood group serology, as well as red blood cells, reagents, quality controls plus a number of detailed products for the manual workplace and a choice of automated instruments.

Being amongst the most sensitive systems for antibody detection and identification in blood grouping, paired with the overwhelming choice of card configurations in 6 column and 8 column format and a choice of accessories, make the INVITROGEL TEST-SYSTEM the system of choice for all users of gel centrifugation technology.


  • 6 or 8 well gell cards
  • Fully automated with the option of Microplates for blood grouping
  • Cost efficient by using plates for grouping and cards for antibody screening through full automation.