MBL Series of Biology Microscopes

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Krüss offers several ranges of Microscopes for the Biology Laboratory.

The MBL3000 is suitable for advanced examinations and includes optional features for presentations; it also allows for examination of transparent fibres. Planachromatic objective lenses, expandable phase contract setup, darkfield lighting and micrometer ocular pieces are also features of this device. The MBL3200 is a professional inverse microscope, for identification and analysis of biological substances and cultures, includes mirror reflex and video camera connection via photo and C-mount video adapter.

The MBL3300 is the professional metallurgical microscope, for the identification and analysis of steel
connections and other metals, suited for laboratories and industrial use (applications such as determining quality, raw material anlaysis and control of metal structures after heat treatment). It has a photo tube for connection to a camera or video camera. 

MBL2000 microscopes are a range of robust, standard, multi-purpose binocular/trinoocular microscopes for medical and biological examinations in laboratories and education. This series has a binocular optical head with angled view and eye distance adjustment, with a dioptre compensation scale and allows coarse/fine modes to be set, it also is expandable to phase contrast features, and has graduated XY cross tables with coaxial operation.

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MBL Series of Biology Microscopes

Manufacturer A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH

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