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  • Industry standard technology

  • Robust, repeatable, representative sampling

  • Real time, high concentration particle size measurement

  • Designed for process use

    Malvern Insitec systems are founded on industry standard laser diffraction technology, specifically engineered into a rugged and robust on-line measurement platform.

    A patented multiple scattering algorithm within the RTSizer real-time sizing software ensures accurate, reliable particle measurement at high process concentrations, regardless of instantaneous process loading.

    Sampling interfaces for dry and wet systems can be tailored to meet the needs of different processes and will accommodate mass flows from 1 to 500,000kg/h. The most widely used incorporates an air venturi to aspirate from the process line and disperse sample for measurement. Dynamic samplers are available for high tonnage abrasive solid streams, in-line flow cells are used for very dilute processes, and a new wet cell can be applied either in-line or on-line, according to the concentration of the liquid suspension.

    Systems integration is straightforward using Malvern Link - a software suite that is based on the Intellution iFix industrial SCADA package. Malvern Link is delivered as standard with all Insitec systems.

    Insitec range

    The Insitec platform has been used to develop a range of instruments (sensors) that can be applied and customized to meet the individual and exacting requirements of different industrial processes. The instrument, process interface, analysis software, automation and data reporting can all be customized.

    Insitec B

    Suits a broad range of dry powder applications and processes

    Insitec T

    GMP compliance facilitated by triclamping and the use of 316 stainless steel parts

    Insitec X

    GMP compliance with Intrinsic Safety for environments where gas or dust constitute explosion hazards

    Insitec L

    Advanced flow cell design for measuring liquid suspensions

    Laser Diffraction

    Malvern Instruments is a global leader in the application of laser diffraction technology. A proven and robust particle measurement technique, laser diffraction has been pioneered by Malvern Instruments for more than 20 years and is the standard in most particulate processing industries. It has many benefits in withstanding the demands of the process environment.

    • Rigorous Mie light scattering theory allows determination of the complete particle size distribution
    • No calibration required
    • No long data acquisition intervals that can mask process behaviour

    High concentration measurement

    Unique to Insitec systems is a patented multiple scattering algorithm.

    A significant challenge for on-line analysis using laser diffraction is to accommodate the multiple scattering that takes place at the high particle concentrations encountered in a process line.

    Where particle concentrations are low enough, turbidity is linear with concentration. However, this is not the situation at higher concentrations. Particles are so close together that the scattered radiation is re-scattered by other particles.

    This is not an issue in laboratory instruments because the user has control over the amount of sample measured. However, in a process instrument using continuous sampling techniques, measurement must be accurate even when higher loadings are present in the process stream. This is especially significant during plant start-up, shutdown and process changes.

    Use of the patented multiple scattering algorithm ensures accurate particle size measurement using Insitec systems, regardless of instantaneous process loading.

    Rugged industrial systems

    Insitec systems are designed from the outset for industrial use. Units are compact, IP65 certified (dust and water proof) and vibration proof. Rugged construction and robust technology ensure they withstand the stresses of continuous use in the process environment. Since Insitec systems are able to take scattering patterns every second and deliver particle size distribution in real-time, a single instrument can make more than a million measurements every year.