innuPREP RNA Mini Kit & innuPREP RNA MIDI Direct Kit

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innuPREP RNA Mini Kit & innuPREP RNA MIDI Direct Kit

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The innuPREP RNA Mini Kit is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to extracting total RNA that is excellent in terms of both quality and quantity.

The specially optimized Lysis Buffer system guarantees isolation of intact RNA and lasting deactivation of endogenous and exogenous RNases. A precolumn contained in the kit can be used to remove genomic DNA, which utterly eliminates the traditional need for DNase I digestion. The RNA is then bound to a second Spin Filter membrane, washed and finally eluted in 30–80 µl of RNase-free water. As such, the extraction process can be concluded in 15–40 minutes, depending on the starting material. In addition the innuPREP RNA MIDI Direct Kit offers the usage of so-called MIDI Spin Filters. This option allow the input of higher starting amounts of samples (up to 10time more) to achieve higher amounts of RNA with same quality and purity.

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innuPREP RNA Mini Kit & innuPREP RNA MIDI Direct Kit

Manufacturer Analytik Jena Life Science

4.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews