innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit

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innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit

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  • Application Area:Purify Plasmid DNA

"This is a good alternative to the Qiagen kit but quicker and much more cost effective. I received the same level of yield and purity as I have with other competitors' products, and DNA worked well with an extra-chromosomal array."

Review date: 02 Dec 2013 | innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit
The innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit allows researchers to isolate plasmid DNA from bacterial lysates quickly and easily.

The method combines alkaline lysis with the process of binding plasmid DNA to a filter membrane once the chromosomal DNA and bacterial proteins have been precipitated. The bound plasmid DNA are then washed and eluted by adding a low salt buffer. The resulting isolated plasmid DNA can then be used immediately in a variety of additional downstream applications. The new method allows scientists to isolate plasmid DNA from 0.5–10 ml starting material. The use of a novel binding membrane makes it possible to isolate up to 40 µg of pDNA.