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The innuPREP Plant RNA Kit - IP utilizes magnetic particle separation with the InnuPure® C12 or C16 for automatic RNA extraction from an extremely wide variety of plant species and/or components. The optimized extraction chemistry is based on novel DC technology and eliminates the need for using highly toxic -mercaptoethanol. The system also eliminates the otherwise standard, complex DNase I digestion step, because a spin filter precolumn selectively removes plant DNA.

The kit contains two lysis buffers for flexibility so that researchers can adapt the innuPREP Plant RNA Kit - IP to a variety of plant samples. Lysis solution RL is a universal buffer for this kit, while lysis solution PL is particularly suitable for difficult plant materials such as roses. Once the starting sample has been homogenized (with a SpeedMill Plus, for instance) and lysed, isolation proceeds automatically in the InnuPure® C12/C16 via a magnetic separation step. Prefilled, sealed reagent containers significantly reduce the risk of contamination and, in so doing, contribute to highly pure RNA.

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