innuPREP Micro RNA Kit by Analytik Jena AG

Manufacturer Analytik Jena AG
innuPREP Micro RNA Kit

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innuPREP Micro RNA Kit
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Using the innuPREP Micro RNA Kit allows researchers to selectively isolate small RNA molecules and achieve high yields.

The new, optimized Binding Buffer system makes it possible to achieve high rates of recovery for small RNA molecules such as mRNA, tRNA, rRNA and snRNA. The first step utilizes well-established Spin Filter column technology to selectively remove genomic DNA; the RNA is then bound, washed and finally removed from the filter membrane using RNase-free water. Users have the flexibility to adjust the elution volume within a range of 30 µl to 80 µl. Also, the extraction chemistry (DC technology) renders the use of highly toxic β-mercaptoethanol utterly unnecessary for isolating RNA.

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