innuPREP DNA Micro Kit by Analytik Jena AG

Manufacturer Analytik Jena AG
innuPREP DNA Micro Kit

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innuPREP DNA Micro Kit
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The innuPREP DNA Micro Kit represents a fast and effective means of purifying genomic DNA from small quantities and with a wide variety of starting materials.

These include, among others, paraffin and tissue samples, whole blood or blood sticks and eucaryotic cells. The patented chemistry underlying the purification method combines extremely fast lysis followed by efficient binding of the genomic DNA to the optimized surface of a Spin Filter. The bound DNA is then washed and eluted. The result is an excellent yield of highly pure DNA, available for all subsequent applications after only 8 minutes. The kit is also certified for in-vitro diagnostics use (CE-IVD).

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