innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16 by Analytik Jena Life Science

innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16 by Analytik Jena Life Science product image
innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16
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The novel innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16 is an extraction kit for isolating viral DNA and RNA at the same time and from the same sample. Used in conjunction with the InnuPure® C16, the kit is suitable for an exceptionally wide variety of starting materials. The kit contains carrier nucleic acids so that researchers can perform an internal extraction control to prevent false-negative findings (using innuDETECT Internal Control kits). The system automatically processes up to 16 samples in pre-filled Reagent Strips/Plates. In addition to internal lysis, the viral nucleic acids are bound to magnetic and/or paramagnetic particles, washed and then eluted. The sealed Reagent Plastic and the piercing feature of the InnuPure® C16 effectively prevent cross-contamination among samples. Manual prep steps are reduced as well, which minimizes contact between users and infectious materials.

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