innuPREP Blood DNA Midi Kit - IP

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The innuPREP Blood DNA Midi Kit - IP has been optimized for automated extraction of DNA from whole blood (sample size = up to 2.0 ml). The first step is to selectively digest the erythrocytes and pellet the nucleated blood cells. These are then processed in an additional lysis step (stable PLP Lysis Tubes included). The reaction vessels are ready-to-use and contain all of the necessary lysis reagents, thereby eliminating the need to add Lysis Solution and Proteinase K separately. All subsequent steps, such as binding the DNA to magnetic particles and washing and eluting the DNA, proceed automatically within the InnuPure® C12. No additional consumables or reagents are required, as the kit contains all of the buffers, solutions, tips and plastic items needed for extracting the DNA.

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