Innova 44 Incubator shaker and Innova 44R by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf

Innova 44 Incubator shaker and Innova 44R by Eppendorf product image
Innova 44 Incubator shaker and Innova 44R

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Triple Capacity, Triple Convenience, Same Footprint!

New Space-Saving Stackable Incubator Shakers The large-capacity Innova 44 Incubator shaker and Innova 44R with added refrigeration from Eppendorf provide up to three times the culturing capacity in the same footprint as a single floor-model shaker. They are based on our best-selling Innova 4400 systems, but include numerous design upgrades for added convenience and performance.

New programming capabilities make it easy to change temperature, speed, optional photosynthetic lighting or UV decontamination on a timed basis without user intervention.  It’s ideal for heat inductions, or temperature reductions to slow metabolic activity, and helps reduce trips back to the lab. A new multi-function water reservoir for humidifying the chamber minimizes culture evaporation when incubating samples. Relative humidity can be measured and logged using an optional humidity monitor. The reservoir serves double-duty as a catch basin to simplify clean up and protect the drive mechanism and other components from accidental spills.

Other design enhancements include addition of an RS-232 interface to allow data logging and control using standard lab software.  Flasks up to 5 liters are now accommodated, and are easy to access using new slide-out platforms and glide-up doors. Like all Innova shakers, these workhorses feature Eppendorf's legendary Triple-Eccentric Gyrotory Drive with counterbalancing system. Constructed using a heavy-duty cast-iron base, and precision-machined to within tolerances of 0.0002”, the drive is unparalleled for its ability to provide vibration-free, uniform motion to all cultures, quiet operation, and long shaker life. The Innova 44 Series is just the latest addition to our extensive line of over 30 shakers for biological and combinatorial-chemistry applications.