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Innova® Freezers

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"A customizable storage capacity, its varied racking system accommodates a diverse range of sample containers. Low maintenance requirements and easy temperature maintenance."

Review date: 28 Sep 2011 | Innova® Freezers
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  • Organization: UK Parkinson's Disease Society Tissue Bank at Imperial College

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
    Value for money
    4 out of 5
Rating: 4.7
"Only problem, remembering to clear the vent regularly."

Review date: 19 Nov 2004 | Innova® Freezers
Eppendorf Innova® freezers combine Vacuum Insulation Panel design with our patented cooling technology to provide the ultimate in space and power efficiency.

Five models are available, including our unique personal-sized Model U101, designed for use on or under the lab bench; and Model U725, capable of holding up to 10,400 more samples than freezers of equal size. 
Innova models offer up to 30% more storage capacity than traditionally-insulated freezers, without altering external dimensions.

Low whole life costs

Eppendorf's ultra-low temperature freezers are among the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly models in the industry, providing substantial energy bill savings over the lifetime of your freezer. Additionally provides rapid temperature recovery after door opening, for better sample preservation.
Low-Temperature-Safe Door Seals Eliminate the Need for a Door Heater for lower energy bills and less maintenance; provides a good seal even at -86°C

Features & Benefits of Eppendorf Innova Freezers

  • Front-Mounted Control Panel is Easy to Read & Reach.
  • Door is Easily Opened Single-Handedly leaving one hand free for transporting samples.
  • Unique Heated Air Vent with Manual Plunger Allows Door To Be Quickly Re-Opened After Closure.
  • Low Noise Output Allows Freezer to be Placed Directly in the Lab, without adversely affecting personnel
  • Easy Mobility - all models fit through a standard doorway and elevator; and are provided with heavy-duty casters. (Compact U101 provided with rear rollers)
  • Remote Control & Data Logging for Up to 30 Freezers is possible with optional RS-485 interface & software