Advanced High Resolution 2-colour Fluorescence Microarray Scanner: InnoScan 910

Manufacturer Innopsys

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Performance, Resolution, Speed.

With its new detection system, the InnoScan 910 has the highest resolution and reading speed on the market. This user-friendly, two-color scanner is the ideal tool for reading current and future high-density microarrays.

With outstanding sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio derived from its highly regarded photometric properties, the InnoScan 910 is a confocal detection scanner fitted with 2 extremely sensitive analog PMTs that are linear over the range of 0.1 to 100% and is capable of detecting from 0 to 1% of gain with a step of 0.01%. The operator can adjust the system to optimize signals for saturation level and equilibration of the 2 channels. Thanks to XDR mode (Extended Dynamic Range), The InnoScan 910 has a dynamic range over 106 and is thus capable of detecting the lowest signals while avoiding saturation. The real-time autofocus system eliminates effects of substrate distortion ensuring that data detection is entirely uniform across the entire reading area.


  • Two excitation channels of 532nm and 635nm
  • Exceptional image quality, resolution 1 µm/pixel
  • Fast - simultaneous 2-channel detection in 3.55 minutes at 10µm/pixel. The InnoScan 910 is the fastest scanner on the market with a sweep speed which is adjustable from 10 to 35 lines/second.
  • Reliable and robust design; created for large image file handling
  • Traceability through validation slide and barcodes
  • Extracts and handles maximum data from huge images with dedicated software, Mapix.
  • Ultra-simple operation, run after a few clicks
  • Excellent performance / price ratio