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Initiator+ Alstra
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Microwave irradiation is still the most effective solution for providing a fast, precise and efficient heating method for synthesizing peptides, peptoids, PNA and peptidomimetics with higher purity and yield compared to conventional synthesis methods. The Biotage® Initiator+ Alstra is a fully automated microwave peptide synthesizer with built in flexibility for both small and large scale synthesis.

Features and Advantages

• Microwave assisted peptide synthesis
• Fully automated and/or semi-automated operation
• Disposable reactor vials and amino acid vessels
• Synthesis on 5 µmol - 2 mmol scale
• Large touchscreen with drag and drop feature
• User friendly and intuitive software
• Flexible reagent setup with modular racks
• Use pre-defined or custom methods
• Oscillating mixing for efficient coupling
• Precise digital syringe pumps
• Easily pause and re-start synthesis
• Less valves for less downtime
• Inert gas option for microwave cavity and reagents
• Compact footprint

Simple to program
The system is programmed via the large 10” touch screen with drag and drop feature, using either pre-defined or custom methods. The built-in wizard makes programming a synthesis sequence effortless and the calculation table generated provides the quantities of reagents required.

Flexible and accurate
The flexible reagent setup with modular amino acid racks and reagent bottles enables both small and large scale synthesis. Multiple coupling, and capping reagents can also be used during a synthesis. The accurate dispensing of all reagents is achieved using digital syringe pumps and the dual needle design reduces the possibility of cross contamination.

Reduce costs
Reduce your reagent and solvent consumption using the robot liquid handler with digital syringe pumps. This also minimizes consumption and waste of expensive building blocks. Save even more by benefiting from the ability to perform synthesis on a small scale from as low as 5 µmol.

Synthesize simple and difficult sequences
Use microwave irradiation and standard reagents to synthesize difficult sequences that are problematic or even impossible to synthesize using conventional methods or just make simple peptides more efficiently.

Complete control
Fully automate all cycles and/or use semi-automated operations where the Fmoc deprotection and washing steps are automated and then manually add expensive building blocks. This gives you complete control over all reaction steps. Easily pause and re-start a synthesis to remove samples for monitoring and analysis of intermediate reaction steps.

Oscillating mixing
Oscillating mixing within the microwave cavity ensures homogeneous heat distribution and allows for larger scale capability up to 2 mmol.

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