Inhibitors by MilliporeSigma

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma
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Average Rating: 4.7
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Exceptional gold standard Inhibitors
Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Inhibit a particular reaction or signal of signalling pathway.

"Calbiochem is known for its diverse range & exceptional quality of ready to use inhibitors. A little higher in cost but the quality makes it stand alone and the only choice for any inhibitor requirement."

Review date: 08 Dec 2015 | Inhibitors
Top quality inhibitors for all aspects of biological research. The Calbiochem® range includes inhibitors of

  • Phosphorylation/dephosphorylation
  • ApoptosisCell
  • Division/Cell Cycle/Cell Adhesion
  • Lipid Signalling
  • Neurobiology/Neurodegeneration
  • Nitric Oxide/Oxidative Stress
  • Proteases