Infra-Red OEM Gas Sensors by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.

Infra-Red OEM Gas Sensors by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. product image
Infra-Red OEM Gas Sensors

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Edinburgh Instruments range of OEM gas sensors are manufactured to the highest specification for integration into a wide range of systems where fast, accurate and reliable measurements of CO2, CO, refrigerants and methane are required.

The OEM Gascard series is the product of choice for an assortment of blue chip companies globally who require long term stability and accuracy in the most demanding of industrial applications. Low maintenance, excellent repeatability and robust build further enhance the Gascard.

These features can be attributed to our dual wavelength fail to safe Infrared (NDIR) sensor technology. The Gascard series provides solutions for measuring and analysing both industrial and environmental gases plus our flexible design offers ease of integration for the system developer.

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