Infra-Red Gas Monitors by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.

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Infra-Red Gas Monitors

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Edinburgh Instruments ranges of Gas Monitors are manufactured to the highest specification combined with a robust build to give a simple 'Plug & Play' gas detection system. Our monitors incorporate the same tried and trusted technology that is found within our OEM range.

The Guardian range of infrared gas monitors offers near-analyser quality continuous sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations.

The Guardian range are wall mounted monitors that can detect gases from sampling points up to 30 metres away, using the integral sampling system. Standard temperature and pressure compensation minimize drift.

With tens of thousands of our monitors supporting critical processes in industries throughout the world we have an enviable reputation for reliability, accuracy, long-term stability plus low maintenance requirements. This can be attributed to our infrared sensor technology and over twenty years of sensor design and manufacturing experience.

Guardian instruments offer an easy to install stand-alone product with minimum set up. With ease of integration, the Guardian provides a four-digit LCD display and alarm set-point controls, housed in a tough plastic IP54 rated enclosure.

The Guardian range of instruments provides accurate detection and measurement of either CO2, CO, CH4 and refrigerant gases, where detection levels of between 0-1% and 0-100% by volume are required.

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