INFICON Research Quartz Crystal Microbalance (RQCM)

Manufacturer Inficon

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QCMs have proven very beneficial in research applications due to their high sensitivity, real-time measurement capability, quick response and ease of use. Applications include corrosion, adsorption, gas sensing and polymer growth just to name a few. INFICON provides everything from complete QCM research systems with PC-based data logging software to all of the individual components.

RQCM is a highly advanced method of measuring film properties during processes such as deposition, dissolution or permeation. Up to three crystals can be measured simultaneously with <0.4 ng/cm 2 mass resolution. All data is logged and graphically displayed using integrated Windows®-based software in real time.

Features at a Glance of the Maxtek RQCM Quartz Crystal Microbalance Research System

• Measures up to three crystals simultaneously 
• <0.4 ng/cm 2 measurement resolution 
• Frequency range: 3.8 to 6 MHz, 5.1 to 10 MHz 
• Supports heavily loaded crystals 
• Capacitance cancellation 
• Electrically isolated crystal electrode 
• Onboard data acquisition 
• Control inputs and outputs 
• Integrated Windows-based software included