IndiSwitch - New Indication Discovery by VLife Sciences Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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IndiSwitch - New Indication Discovery
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In the prevailing patent regime, the discovery of New Indications for approved drugs acts as an important Product Lifecycle Management strategy.

If you have a product in the market which is getting off-patent or a product that is not meeting its business objectives in the approved area, we can help you in discovering new indications where it can have a protectable intellectual property position.

We undertake New Indication research deploying three independent approaches which ensure extensive exploration and hardly leave chance of false negatives and false positives. This research is carried out by expert VLife scientists who have a sterling track record in discovery of new indications and is enabled by our computational technologies and a multi core parallel processing computational cluster.

We cover the following work-flow with the scope of engagement with client covering some or all of the following steps:
1.Computational discovery research
2.Novelty search and provisional patent filing
3.In-vitro testing & lead optimization
4.Full application filing under PCT
5.Assignment of the filed patent to the client
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