Increased process safety, reliability and performance from Pall's SupraDisc II depth filter module

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SupraDisc II depth filter modules have a design that eliminates direct operator handling of the discs to prevent damage and ensures uniformity of performance. As part of this unique design, the SupraDisc II modules have a clip-seal interlock that holds the filter sheet in place with an outside and inside separator. In addition, the filter sheet is fastened during manufacture to both the polypropylene core and the outer casing to provide maximum stability without the need for welds or resins. This ensures that the system will not fail under changing pressures.

The new depth filter module can be used with either a double O-ring or flat gasket filter housing. By using a double O-ring seal, the Supradisc II depth filter module achieves the highest degree of safety in preventing contaminants from entering the filter stream. The ability to fit either type of housing maximizes utilization of investment in existing equipment. The SupraDisc II depth filter module provides optimal filtration performance with a wide range of media grades.

Features and Benefits
The unique design of the SupraDisc II depth filter module provides increase process safety, reliability and performance.

• More effective filter area per cell
• Multiple flow channels
• Proprietary clip connection
• Highly rigid module construction
• Available with nearly all grades of depth filter media
• All-polypropylene molded parts
• Steam-sterilizable for multiple cycles
• FDA-listed materials of construction
• Produced under an ISO 9001 quality system
• Reverse-flow capabilities