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Kit for the detection and quantification of apoptotic cell death on a single-cell level by light microscopy in immunocyto- and immunohistochemistry


  • Sensitive: The maximum intensity of labeling (cell staining) of apoptotic cells is higher than the nick translation method.
  • Fast: The use of fluorescein-dUTP allows analysis of the samples directly after the TUNEL reaction, but before the addition of the secondary detection system.
  • Convenient: The direct labeling procedure using fluorescein-dUTP allows verification of the efficiency of the TUNEL reaction during the assay procedure.
  • Accurate: Identification of apoptosis at a molecular level (DNA-strand breaks) and identification of cells at the very early stages of apoptosis.
  • Flexible: No substrate included; provides the opportunity to select the staining procedure of choice.

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