CellTag™ 700 Stain In-Cell Western™ Kits by LI-COR Biosciences

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CellTag™ 700 Stain In-Cell Western™ Kits
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The CellTag™ 700 Stain ICW (In-Cell Western™) Kits provide detection reagents for cell-based In-Cell Western Assays.

Each kit includes Odyssey Blocking Buffer, IRDye® 800CW secondary antibody for detection of a specific protein target in the 800 nm channel, and CellTag™ 700 Stain to normalize well-to-well variations in cell number. This cost-effective normalization method makes quantification of the target protein more precise.

CellTag 700 Stain is a near-infrared fluorescent, non-specific cell stain that provides accurate normalization to cell number for In-Cell Western applications. The stain accumulates in both the nucleus and cytoplasm of permeabilized cells, and provides linear fluorescent signal across a wide range of cell types and cell numbers. CellTag 700 Stain is applied to the cells during incubation with IRDye® 800CW secondary antibody, and enables accurate measurement of target protein levels with much higher throughput than Western blotting.