Improved: The WTW photoLab S6 and photoLab S12

Manufacturer Xylem

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WTW has reworked and improved the premium photometers photoLab S6 and S12. The Reference Beam Technology of the WTW filter photometers can technically hardly be topped, especially by the resulting stability and accuracy of measuring. Therefore the focus of the improvement has been on AQA and IQC functionality and also user defined methods for more indiviudal testing:

  • Reading of results as transmittance in %T
  • Storage of 10 blank values
  • 50 instead of 10 „User-defined methods“
  • AQA/IQC: Entry of measuring cycles for individual parameters within an existing AQA interval

The hardware improvements are supported by an increasing number of testing kits – also in various more economic package sizes to fullfil on-going environmental requirements. The new analytical method data can be updated by Internet. Test kits minimize the handling of chemicals, which is not only easier but also gives best reliability for the results with less statistical spread!

The photoLab S6 is the quick and cost effective solution for routine measurements in Waste Water Analysis.  The photoLab S12 with functionality for user-defined methods, cinetic functions and 12 wavelength is a suitable and economic standard photometer for every lab task. The Photolab Spektral with the excellent optical system of ZEISS offers high precision measurement: stepless from 340-850 nm in 1 nm steps with an accuracy of < 1 nm and more special functions.

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Improved: The WTW photoLab S6 and photoLab S12

Manufacturer Xylem

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