Imprint® Methylated DNA Quantification Kit by MilliporeSigma

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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Imprint® Methylated DNA Quantification Kit

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Imprint™ Methylated DNA Quantification technology provides a rapid and reliable method to measure global DNA methylation shifts. The Imprint Methylated DNA Quantification Kit contains all reagents required to detect relative levels of methylated DNA. Up to 200 ng of purified DNA is bound to the wells of the assay strip. The methylated DNA is detected using the Capture and Detection antibodies, then quantified colorimetrically. The amount of methylated DNA present in the sample is proportional to the absorbance measured.

• ELISA based format
• Procedure completes in 4 easy to follow steps
• All reagents supplied including control methylated DNA
• Detection limit is 5 ng of fully methylated DNA
• Input DNA may be as low as 10-200 ng
• Procedure completes in 3.5 hours
• 96 well format allows option of studying single samples or high-throughput studies
• May be used with cells, tissues, plasma and other body fluids