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Imaris Measurement Pro

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Because Your Image Is More Than A Pretty Picture

Imaris MeasurementPro enables researchers to extract critical statistical parameters from their microscopy images thus allowing for the quantification of scientific findings. Imaris MeasurementPro adds shape, size, and intensity based measurement capabilities to the volume rendering, surface rendering and object detection features of Imaris. It allows researchers to interactively classify, group, and filter segmented objects based on any of the calculated statistics.

The ability to visualize biological processes and structures at finer levels of detail is one of the pillars of life sciences research. Another is measurement. In addition to the speed, precision and ease-of-use of Imaris, MesurementPro adds a set of high-performance tools to analyze your multidimensional image data.
The fast and easy generation of statistics in Imaris MeasurementPro allows you to quickly access the most relevant statistical parameters with the simple click of a button. These statistics provide insights into the biological properties of your sample; thus, allowing you to spend less time calculating numerical data and more time interpreting biological results. Measure distances in 3D, areas, volumes, voxel intensities, as well as identify objects based on intensity and size.

Imaris MeasurementPro has three components:

- An extension of Imaris that enables the calculation and display of many statistical measurements from both voxel data and segmented objects.
- A component for interactive 3D distance and line intensity measurements.
- A mechanism to construct 3D surface objects from 2D semi-automatically drawn contours.

Full time 3D/4D interactivity, immediate statistical and visual feedback are features that set MeasurementPro apart from the competition. Once statistics are generated for segmented objects, you can filter and classify the results based on any one or combination of the statistical parameters calculated. As you select in a histogram of values, the objects that meet the selected criteria are visually identified in real time. You can also look at the statistics for all objects as a list and by selecting a value from the list; the object meeting those criteria instantly is highlighted in the fully interactive 3D/4D view. Alternatively, you can click into the visual image to select an object or group of objects, and the statistical values for those objects are immediately selected. The analysis routine, i.e. the steps and settings selected during the creation wizard, are saved in the "Scene File" and can be re applied to different data sets when required.

Imaris MeasurementPro takes the guesswork out of evaluating the statistical results by allowing the user to choose their preferred selection method and making selection of objects easy.