Imaris Filament Tracer by Bitplane AG (Part of the Andor Group)

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Imaris Filament Tracer

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The Intelligent Way To Visualize And Measure Filamentous Structures

FilamentTracer is the most advanced software product for the automatic detection of neurons (dendritic trees, axons and spines), microtubules, and other filament-like structures in 2D, 3D and 4D. When combined with ImarisTrack, detection of temporal changes in length and volume of developing spines and dendrites will help researchers understand alterations caused by developmental and environmental changes. FilamentTracer utilizes multiple automatic, semi-automatic, and manual segmentation methods that can be used in any combination, to successfully segment, then visualize and quantify the detected structures.

Accurate morphological description of filamentous structures requires the ultimate resolution available from light microscopy today with structures often of the size that is near or at the theoretical limit of resolution of the best objective lens. The best possible imaging is needed to capture the finest of structures of interest. These are fundamental reasons why the analysis of neuron and filament morphology is so challenging. Purely manual or purely automated strategies are therefore likely to fail. Imaris FilamentTracer uses strategies that involve an optimal combination of automated analysis and operator decision. The choice of the best method is an essential element in optimizing efficiency. FilamentTracer allows the choice between four complementary tracing strategies ranging from manual to automatic. FilamentTracer utilizes a creation wizard to easily guide the user through the creations steps.