Quantity One® 1-D analysis Software by Bio-Rad

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Quantity One® 1-D analysis Software

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Image acquisition from all Bio-Rad imaging systems is simple with Quantity One® 1-D analysis Software. The software can acquire, quantitate, and analyze a variety of data, including radioactive, chemiluminescent, fluorescent, and color-stained samples acquired from densitometers, storage phosphor imagers, fluorescence imagers, and gel documentation systems. The software allows automatic configuration of these imaging systems with appropriate filters, lasers, LEDs, and other illumination sources. Its flexible tools allow automated analysis of 1-D electrophoretic gels, western blots, dot blots, slot blots, arrays, and colony counts for fast, high-quality results.

Flexible Lane and Band Analysis
• Automatic lane and band detection
• Rapid molecular weight determination with choice of multiple regression models and preset standards
• Band and lane matching analysis with comparative dendrogram creation
• Background subtraction correction of gradient gels
• Purity analyzer

Quick and Easy Quantitation
• Accurate concentration analysis using sophisticated volume tools (volume box, volume circle, volume contour, or freehand drawing)
• Local background subtraction for individual bands

Automation Manager
• Recall of lane and sample layouts
• Molecular weight determination
• Volume overlays
• Text and line overlays

Integration with the EXQuest™ Spot Cutter
• Easy-to-use point-and-click spot cutting of 1-D gels
• Integrated tools to cut specified bands or entire lanes from 1-D gels
• Increased accuracy and reproducibility by integrating Quantity One software with the EXQuest spot cutter to cut 1-D gels prior to mass spectrometric identification

Other Functionality
• Colony counting that discriminates colonies and plaques
• Array tools to analyze and quantitate dot blots, slot blots, and medium-density arrays
• Annotation tools to add text and lines
• Tools for compliance with U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations
• ReadyAgarose™ precast gel wizard for simplified sample tracking

Quantity One Basic Software
Many of the features listed above are available in Quantity One Basic software. Images can be acquired and analyzed, data shared among colleagues, and images annotated and submitted for journal publication with this free software, which includes the basic functionality. Quantity One Basic is available without a license or password restrictions and can be loaded on an unlimited number of computers.

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Quantity One® 1-D analysis Software by Bio-Rad product image

Quantity One® 1-D analysis Software

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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