illustra triplePrep Kit by GE Healthcare

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illustra triplePrep Kit
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The illustra triplePrep Kit is designed for the rapid isolation and purification of high yield genomic DNA (gDNA), total RNA, and total denatured proteins from undivided animal tissues and mammalian cells.

The streamlined workflow reduces the overall number of steps, enabling the preparation of all three analytes in less than 1 h.

The high quality gDNA, RNA, and protein obtained with the illustra triplePrep Kit are suitable for downstream applications such as PCR, restriction digestion, sequencing, array CGH, RT-qPCR, gene expression microarray, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, 2-D DIGE, and LCMS. The optimized buffer, columns, and protocol ensure high recovery of gDNA, RNA, and proteins enabling the use of precious limited samples such as biopsies, archived tissues, and tumors.