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infoteam Software AG is developing a software platform called iLAB.

iLAB is a software platform providing a standards-based and intuitively operable way to monitor and visualize biotechnological processes. The foundation of iLAB is a well structured data base, and iLAB is connected to other equipment in a laboratory by the means of SiLA, a standardized interface for Lab Automation.

The integration of process modeling and the feedback of resulting actuating variables into the process facilitates a well documented online process optimization, thus improving the development of biotechnological processes significantly from screening to scale-up by reducing development time and increasing product yields.

iLAB simplifies the conversion of a biotechnological processes into industrial production scale by documenting the development process in a consistent manner.

The iLAB architecture is consequently based on SiLA as integration technology:

• To implement vendor independent device control interfaces
• To implement vendor independent data communication, integration and processing functions 

The iLAB will be ready for use by pilot customers in autumn of 2013.