iKon-M CCD Camera by Andor Technology

Manufacturer Andor Technology

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iKon-M CCD Camera
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Designed to deliver the ultimate in high QE, low noise performance, ideal for demanding, light-starved imaging applications.

• -100 °C UltraVac™ TE Cooling
• Up to 95% QE and extra-low noise floor
• Multi-MHz readout for dynamic performance
• Sensor formats up to 1MegaPixel
• ‘Deep depletion’ near-IR version available
• USB 2.0 plug and play connectivity
• Compact and OEM-friendly

The iKon-M CCD Camera benefits from negligible darkcurrent with industry-leading thermoelectric cooling down to –100°C, enabling use of significantly longer exposure times than other cameras on the market using the same sensors. The iKon-M platform offers Multi-Megahertz readout for rapid frame rate acquisition or fast focusing, along with direct USB 2.0 connectivity to PC. The integrated C-mount shutter (adaptors to other mounts are readily available) means that the iKon-M can be employed to great effect for low light microscopy, such as for detection of weak intracellular bioluminescence. A variety of sensor formats are selectable, including both full frame and frame transfer readout.

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