iDus LDC-DD 416 by Andor Technology

Manufacturer Andor Technology

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iDus LDC-DD 416
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Andor’s new iDus 416 CCD platform boasts a unique combination of very low dark noise and very high QE, offering unrivalled sensitivity in the near-infrared. This makes it the ideal detector for NIR Raman and Photoluminescence, reducing greatly acquisition times and removing the need for inconvenient LN2 cooling.

iDus 416 CCD Features and Benefits:

  • Low dark current - 10x better than Back-Illuminated Deep-Depletion NIMO sensors, best SNR in the NIR.
  • Peak QE up to 95% - Best detection capability in the NIR.
  • 15 μm pixels - Ideal for high resolution spectroscopy.
  • 30 mm wide sensor - Superior simultaneous band-pass capture
    Fringe suppression technology as standard - Optical etalonning virtually eliminated.
  • TE cooling down to -95°C - Critical for elimination of dark current detection limit - no inconvenience associated with LN2
  • Ultravac™ - Critical for sustained vacuum integrity and to maintain unequalled cooling and QE performance year after year.
  • USB 2.0 connection - Ideal for laptop operation.
  • Compact and rugged platform - Ideal for OEM integration & laboratory setups.
  • Solis software for Spectroscopy - Comprehensive, user-friendly interface for simultaneous detector & spectrograph control
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) - Ease of control integration into complex setups: Matlab, Labview, Visual Basic or C/C++